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Follow these simple rules to keep safe at the beach and in the sea.

Spot the dangers
SURF - Waves can knock you over and hold you under the water.
CURRENTS - Rips and currents can take you out to sea. Calm water can mean strong currents.
ROCKS - Rocks can be hidden under water. You can slip, fall and hurt yourself.
WEATHER - The sun can burn your skin. The cold makes it hard to swim.

Listen to Lifeguards
Red and Yellow flags - Swimmers and bodyboarders between these.
Black and White flags - surf craft only between these.
Red flags - DANGER - No one is allowed in the sea.
Keep an eye out for other signs and notices.

Don't do it alone
Don't go in the sea on your own.
Always stay in sight of friends and family on the beach.

Learn how to help if you see someone in trouble
Tell a lifeguard if there is one, or Dial 999 and ask for the coastguard.
use rescue equipment safely.
never go into the sea to rescue someone.

Surf rules and safety tips
Follow these rules whilst surfing and in the water:
Always watch the surf for 10 minutes before you go in. If it looks too big, stay out!
Whilst surfing, line yourself up with an object on the shore and keep checking to see if you are drifting.
If you get caught in a rip current, paddle diagonally towards the shore, that will get you out of the current and back to the beach.
Watch out for other people in front of you and give them plenty of space.
Don't get in front of other surfers, surf boards hurt!
If 2 people are going for the same wave, the person closest to where the wave is breaking has the right of way - don't "drop in"!
Keep an eye on fellow surfers and they will keep an eye on you!
Never go in the sea on an inflatable.
Never undo the leash to your surf or bodyboard - it will help keep you afloat.
Always listen to the lifeguards.
Know what times the tides are.
Never jump off rocks into the sea.
Get out of the water when you start to feel cold.
If you get into trouble, wave your arm above your head to get help.

The RNLI now lifeguard the beaches in the North Cornwall District. The lifeguard season runs from 1st May - 30th September, from 10am-6pm on a daily basis.



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